At St Patrick’s, there are 26 teaching staff – comprising of two Learning Support Teachers, two Librarians, one EALD Teacher, one Specialist Teacher, Wellbeing Team comprising of two Pastoral Care Workers, one Psychologist and nine Student Support Officers. We have four ancillary staff, one cleaner and one groundsman.

Our staff of dedicated and highly experienced teachers provide our students with stimulating teaching and learning programs. We aim to cater to the needs of each child, to equip them to face the challenges of tomorrow. 

A list of staff contacts can be found below:                                                                                                               

Acting Principal: ​Mrs Maree Jones

Acting Assistant Principal: Mrs Sarah Ryman

Religious Education Coordinator: Mrs Carolyn Sylvester

Primary Coordinators: Mrs Liza McNab and Mr Andrew Hutchinson

Year 6: Mr Peter Goggins, Mrs Carolyn Sylvester

Year 5: Mrs Amanda Freeman, Mr Joshua Garnsey

Year 4: Ms Kristen Archer, Mr Andrew Hutchinson 

Year 3: Mr Damian Kelso, Miss Kirstie Barnett, Ms Kylie Hoad

Year 2: Mrs Lynne Kauter, Mr Michael McKenzie, Mrs Liza McNab, Mrs Carleen Moloney

Year 1: Mrs Shayne Coxon, Mrs Jessica Grant, Mrs Melissa Greenup

Kinder: Mrs Sarah Ryman, Mrs Emilly Shaw

Specialist RFF Teacher: Mr Cameron Dilley

Aboriginal Education Teacher: Caroline Kennedy

Learning Support: Mrs Kerry Cumming, Mr Damian Kelso 

Psychologist: Miss Caitlin French

Librarians: Mrs Alison Ramage, Mr Chris Coleman

ESL Teacher: Mrs Carolyn Evans

Pastoral Care: Mrs Kylie Johns

Administration: Mrs Kirsten Culley, Mrs Nicole Newman and Mrs Fiona Wallace

Library Assistant: Mrs Kay Woods

School Support: LSA's Mrs Tina Ervin, Mrs Emily Munro, Mrs Gaynor Craft, Mrs Amie Brook, Mrs Mary-Jane Millard, Mrs Renae Ward, Erin Dewey

Aboriginal Liaison Officer: Mrs Tina Ervin